Dirk Fleischer

Head of Security

Llm, criminologist

Dirk Fleischer

Security consultant and police officer with many years of experience in corporate and cybersecurity

Dirk Fleischer is responsible for the business security division at friedrich30. He advises clients on holistic corporate security. The spectrum ranges from individual operational incident management and ensuring business continuity to managing external corporate security departments.


Before joining friedrich30, Dirk was Managing Director Operations at DB Sicherheit GmbH.

Until 2016, he was responsible for the security of LANXESS AG as Head of Corporate Security (CSO/CISO).

Prior to that, he was Head of DB Situation Center and Global Crisis Management at Deutsche Bahn.

Dirk started his career as a police officer with the German Federal Police (1987 – 2007).


Dirk holds an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Compliance and Corporate Security, an M.A. (Master of Criminology and Police Science) in Criminology and Police Science and a master's degree in public security from the German Police University.

He also graduated from the Federal Police Academy with a degree in administration and as a police inspector for public safety.


Dirk is the author of several books and enjoys traveling with his family.