Lena Woywod-Plocher

Personal Advisor

Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)

Lena Woywod-Plocher

Expert for internal and external projects and organization

Lena Woywod-Plocher works as a Personal Advisor in the friedrich30 head office. She manages internal and external projects and keeps the pace in the day-to-day business.


Before joining friedrich30, Lena Woywod-Plocher worked in project management and as an assistant to the publishing director in a specialist publishing house.

She began her professional career in Spain and worked in a law firm. She then moved to the management of a well-known hotel chain as an assistant.

After returning to Germany, Lena studied packaging technology. Afterwards she managed the development and project work for a packaging manufacturer.


Lena Woywod-Plocher studied packaging technology at the Stuttgart Media University (HdM). Prior to that, she completed an apprenticeship as a saleswoman in publishing.


She enjoys travelling and visiting art exhibitions and cultural sites as much as a good book, because a life without books seems unimaginable to her.