Hans-Lothar Domröse

Senior Expert

General ret.

Hans-Lothar Domröse

Army general (ret.) with strong security connections at home and abroad

Hans-Lothar Domröse, General (ret.), strengthens the friedrich30 team with his immense experience and strong connections to the troops at home and abroad.

He is a frequent guest on security policy panels and supports friedrich30's clients in strategic security issues.


Until his retirement in March 2016, Hans-Lothar was commander-in-chief of NATO Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum, Netherlands.

In nearly 45 years of service, Hans-Lothar experienced a classic troop leader career: From leadership at the lowest level platoon to company, battalion, brigade, division, corps to the highest level of com-mand as a 4-star general.

He served at the Ministry as well as the NATO and the Chancellor's Office. He was Chief of the Staff Unit for NATO missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan and led the election support team in the first free elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1996.


Hans-Lothar began his Bundeswehr career as an officer candidate in the armored infantry in Braun-schweig. He studied economics and holds a degree in business administration.


In his spare time, the native of Lower Saxony keeps fit and active in sports in his adopted hometown of Oldenburg.