Günter Heiß

Senior Expert

Ministerial Director Federal Chancellery ret.

Günter Heiß

Security policy expert with many years of experience on national and state level

Günter Heiß boosts the friedrich30 team with his diverse security policy experience. To the friedrich30 network he adds contacts to the structures of the security authorities at national and state level.


Günter was the coordinator responsible for the federal intelligence services at the Federal Chancellery from 2009 to 2017. During this time, his office was the nerve center of all intelligence activities of the intelligence agencies of the Federal Republic of Germany. During this period, he was deemed a reliable anchor for the Federal Chancellery in all matters of national security.

Prior to his time at the Chancellor's Office, Günter headed the civil protection department at the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and served as president of the Lower Saxony State Office for the Protection of the Constitution.


Günter graduated in music with a specialization in piano and also has a degree in law. After university, he first worked as a judge at the administrative court and moved to the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior in 1987.


Born in Helmstedt, he plays the piano in his free time, publishes music and theater reviews in daily newspapers and attends opera performances.